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- Do you feel like something is missing in your music production knowledge?
- You find it hard to understand how music production works?
- It's hard to find useful and good explained tips on the internet?

Let Us help you out!

It's time to level up your music production knowledge with this Quiz Collection!
Over 140 tips packed in to help you improve and get to the next level.

But wait, why would you buy it? How it's going to help you?

One year ago, We started our Instagram page @itsmd3sign in order to help producers community better understand how music production works. In just one year, it went from 0 to 21000+ producers who found our content useful. We post tips daily on my page, and each post is PURE GEM!
So, we decided to create something unique, simple and effective which can help everyone to easily understand basic, intermediate and professional side of music production. This Quiz Collection is the product we're talking about!
It's based around quick quiz questions we did on my Instagram story, but hey... we added almost 90 more tips to it, so you're basically getting pure value!
With total of 140 tips, we guarantee quality and your satisfaction!

What's included in it?

This Collection includes content for both professionals and beginners.
Tips are based around:
- Equalization (EQ)
- Compression
- Mastering
- Gear
- Theory
- Basic Facts
- Reverb & Delay
- Metering
- Vocals

Why should you trust?

Well, behind our name stands 9 years of experience, support by many worldwide artists, beatmakers, radio stations, blogs, newsletters & more and probably the most trusted Instagram page about music production.

Payment options?

Payments acceptable from Paypal, Credit & Debit cards.

Are you able to resell it?

Absolutely NOT! As the copyright owners, we do not allow any reselling.

You have a problem with this Collection?

Mail us at or DM us on Instagram @itsmd3sign
You will get a PDF (15MB) file