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Dive deep into Equalization with Md3sign. For all skill levels, no expensive gear needed. Only you DAW, a pair of headphones or monitors and your dedicated time.

Here's how it works!

Beginner to Pro lessons

Everything you don't understand about Equalization is explained through 5h+ long Masterclass split in 28 well edited videos for easy navigation and easier understanding.

Learn on demand

With single purchase, access all the pre-recorded videos and learn as you go, whenever you have free time for learning.

Test what you learned

After each chapter you complete, you'll be able to do a test/quiz in order to test what you've learned from that chapter.

Advanced EQ Tricks

Learn how advanced equalization processing works and how to elevate your sound to a new level. Advanced & pro tricks explained and applied live.

Unique EQ Presets

Every presets that's made during the masterclass will be able for downloading just below the lesson.

160+ Pages E-book for FREE

Want to chill your mind and read about Equalization? After you enroll for the masterclass, you can also download your 160+ pages PDF E-book for free!

Full compatibility

You can watch & learn through your PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, TV... basically through every device you want. We offer full compatibility.

Easy to follow

Both Masterclass and E-book are very easy to follow up. Everything is structured to fit your schedule and your personal workflow.

5+ Hours of video content

Yes, that's right! 5+ hours of video material split into 28 pre-recorded and edited videos for easier navigation and better understanding. High resolution, great quality.

No boundaries

With this masterclass, you will learn how to be creative when it comes to equalization and how to approach it properly. In order to break the rules, we must first master them. For that reason, our goal with this masterclass is to learn different techniques and approaches when it comes to treating audio signals.

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