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The Art Of Compression

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Introducing "The Art Of Compression" - The Ultimate Guide to mastering the art of audio compression.

If you're looking to finally understand how the process of compression actually works and you want to elevate your skills, you're on the right place!

What is "The Art Of Compression" about?

This comprehensive eBook is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of audio compression, from the very basics of dynamics to advanced & secret techniques used by professionals in this field.

Basic - Advanced - Professional

The concept of this eBook is created & designed with only one vision - to help you understand the fundamentals of audio compression, all from basics of dynamics to advanced, pro & secret techniques used by professionals.

Step - By - Step

Inside, you'll learn the secrets to achieving a balanced and polished sound, no matter what genre you're into. "The Art Of Compression" takes you through everything with step-by-step instructions & examples.

Real World Examples

Theory makes no sense without practice, and we can all agree on that. For that reason, we also put many different real-world examples directly from our sessions & experience. All the examples you read are straight from our sessions, so that means you're saving your time by learning from our experience.

The Secrets No One Talks About

"The Art Of Compression" is the perfect resource if you're an audio nerd (like us) who likes to explore the depths of audio compression looking for hidden & secret techniques.

Listening Exercises

If you have no experience at all, or you simply can't hear compression the way you wish, don't worry. We included multiple listening exercises to help your ears learn how compression affects audio signals, and how to hear the compression.

Hard Copies

Currently, we're offering PDF format. However, we're working on enabling hard copies for this product. This is coming very soon, so make sure to stay updated by following us on social media.

You will get a PDF (65MB) file