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EQ Masterclass E-book Version

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Finding Equalization hard?
Let us help!
You need to check this out!

If you're looking to finally understand how the process of equalization actually works and you want to elevate your skills, you're on the right place!

What is this E-book about?

As you probably know, this E-book is the part of our Equalization Masterclass where we included over 5+ hours of video lessons split into 28 well edited videos for better undestanding and easier workflow. You might want to check that out too before buying this. If you enroll for our EQ Masterclass, you'll receive this E-book for FREE!

What's included in it?
This EQ Masterclass E-book includes following topics:
- About Equalizers
- Frequency Spectrum
- Waveforms
- Approaches
- The knobs
- EQ Filters
- Processing Modes
- EQ Types
- Plugins
- "How To EQ" Chapter
- Frequency Masking
- Frequency Charts (Drums, Percussions, Vocals, Bass, Instruments, Effects + Bonus)
You will get a PDF (36MB) file