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Md3sign Studio

Md3sign Studio (@itsmd3sign) is the company established by electronic music producer / artist Md3sign.

The company itself is based around electronic music, education & design. We are running our Instagram page where you can get a lot of free daily knowledge for recording, mixing and mastering your own music.

Our goal is to define quality by giving you an opportunity to get our digital products which can help you to develop, improve and upgrade your knowledge in recording, mixing and mastering.

What are people saying about us

"Hey! Keep on with the good work!"

— David Guetta / Artist, DJ

"Aye man, I really like your graphics and information!"

— Devvon Terrell / Artist, Educator at Help Me Devvon

"I have been seeing your tips pop up on my explore page for some time. Excellent information!"

— Curtiss King / Artist, Producer

"Cheers! Ye good content, so easy choice!"

— B-Art Beatbox / Beatboxer

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— Adam Audio / Studio monitors Developers, Manufacturers & Distributors

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— Slate Digital / Digital audio tools company for professional producers, mixers, and engineers.

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— CymaticsFM / Plug-in & Sample Packs company

"Hey bro! Love your graphics!"

— Larry Ohh / Artist, Producer

"Amazing and useful informations!"

— Pheelz / Producer, Songwriter

"Hi there, hope you're doing fine! We really like your content!"

— UJAM Instruments / Plugin company founded by Pharrell Williams & Hans Zimmer

"Super helpful! I'm early in the production & mixing journey, but the tips will help speed things up for sure!"

— Ashley Tebi / Manager, Artist, Producer

"I love your page - it's so helpful! Thank you for it!"

— Geiste / Singer

"Loved your cheat sheets! Super informative and professional!"

— Paul Hers / Songwriter, Producer

"Good job! I've learnt a lot! Keep going!"

— Anastasiia / DJ, Producer

"I just want to thank you for your posts. They have made my records, vocals, mixing & mastering LEVEL UP EVEN MORE!"

— Rockyy Likee / Artist, Producer

"I really like the layout and the easy to read tips! Looking forward to using some of your tricks in my future productions!"

— Shelley Johannson / DJ, Producer

"Love your posts dude! So much so that I made a t-shirt with some of them!"

— Pablood Anco / DJ, Producer

"Your page is my favorite Instagram account ever. I get bored and just go and read for days, and I'm constantly learning. Thanks for being a part of my music journey!"

— FLOWT / Vocalist

"Your graphics skills are top notch bro!"

— YoBoi / Producer

"Everyone who feels bad about music production should read your motivational post, because it's an example to never give up from your dreams. Thank you for being there for us!"

— Djordje / Artist, Producer

"I've learned more from these posts than I have from hours on YouTube. Keep up the great content!"

— Jinénji / Rapper, Producer

"Yo, it was Teacher's day in India on September 5th. You work hard for producers who are starting out with useful content. So happy teachers day to you man!"

— ARWND / Artist, Producer

"Yo my guy, been on your page for 30 minutes. All of these are gems. Thank you!"

— Rileylol / Artist

"Not sure if anyone has noticed how clean u are when it comes to the design behind your uploads. Left-middle-right profile view pics. I love it!"

— fabricana. / Musician, Band

"I'm a massive fan of your page. Your cheat sheets helped me a lot with mixing!"

— Aaron Luckhoo / Artist

"Wow, after your content, I'm actually able to give right answers on your quiz questions. I remember first time I followed you, I was always giving wrong answers, but now... it's all correct!"

— BlueMyth / Artist, Producer

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"Thank you so much for sharing all this information. My confidence in mixing has grown so much just from following your page and using your tips!"

— Chink / Artist, Producer

"You make the best content. These cards are gold. Dude has an e-book with over 140 tips. He didn't pay me to write this, so you know the marketing is on point and so will the other stuff. Cheers!"

— JOT₹ / Artist, Producer, Beatmaker

"Hey, I'm just taking a moment to appreciate you for all the hard work you put into creating the content for us to learn from! You earned massive respect from me. You have been so consistent in the posts and it is incredible. I hope you're truly rewarded for what you do for us. You built yourself up from scratch, so take a moment and thank yourself for believing in yourself!"

— K A R A N / Artist, Producer

"Hey, I don't really need anything, but I just wanted to say thank you for being such a brilliant guy. I'm just having a bad time, and only you, your tips and the music brought me back to life. Stay the way you are and good luck!"

— Massimo / Producer

"Ye bro, you're totally onto something here. There are YouTube channels with over 1 mil subs who are no way near as good as you!"

— Joe Bain

"Your page is no joke man. Reading for about a year and I learned so much theory aside. It's too sick man!"

— Darry / DJ, Producer