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Pro MB Pack (Compression Presets)

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Introducing "Pro MB Presets Pack" - The Ultimate FabFilter Pro MB presets to elevate the way you compress your mixes & masters!

Why You Need These Presets?

Exactly 40 presets in this pack have been built from scratch by our studio engineers based on all the years & collected experience in audio engineering. These presets are used in our studio on a daily basis!

Learn From These Presets

With all these presets, you'll be able to see & learn the settings that pros use in their tracks. You'll be also able to train your ears and understand why each compression setting is used (certain attack/release times, ratios, knees, frequency ranges etc.) Compression can be challenging to understand, so our presets will be there to assist and help you!

Increase Workflow & Save Time

The pack will benefit your time and workflow by enabling you to jump straight into great starting points or maybe the exact compression settings you're looking for. The way we use them is loading the preset on our signal and then tweak to taste.


You're not only receiving "some" presets... Actually, there are presets for Mixing and Mastering applications. All of them are labeled well and packed into separate folders for the best possible navigation and fast workflow.

DAW specified?

No, these FabFilter Pro MB presets are not oriented around one DAW. They work on all DAWs.

Advanced Presets

As mentioned, these presets are not just some ordinary & basic ones. They're actually used in our studio and on our clients' tracks as a starting points. All of them are based on our advanced approach to compression and used by our engineers. Of course, there are some less-complex and some more-complex presets included, depending on the sound we're focusing on.

Instant Download

You don't have to wait anything. As soon as you get through the payment process, the presets will be available for downloading at any time.

You will get a RAR (12KB) file