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Kick-Starter: Free FL Studio Starting Templates

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- Struggling with starting a new project?
- Is your mixer & playlist messy?
- You struggle with routing channels?

Let me help you!

Since I'm celebrating my new track's release, I decided to give away 2 Free FL Studio Templates that I made for your needs. Both of them are very simple to use, and trust me, they'll make your workflow much easier & faster. You'll be able to start new projects without any struggle.


Both of these templates contain labeled mixer channels routed to their own bus channels.


Each template has its own well labeled playlists so you can track your process easily while working or finding certain parts of your track.

Effect channels

Each template has its own channels for effects such as Reverb & Delay which are routed to their own bus channels.

What's included in the file you're about to download?

2 Templates with well organized mixer channels, color & text labeled. Each channel is routed to its bus channel. Besides this, these templates also contain well organized playlists, grouped, color & text labeled.

Why Free?

Because they're free doesn't mean that they're bad. This is my way of showing appreciation for everyone who invested in my products & supported my work.

Are you able to resell these templates?

Absolutely NOT! As the copyright owner, I do not allow any reselling.

Having troubles downloading/installing?

Mail me at or DM me on Instagram @itsmd3sign
You will get a RAR (414KB) file