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EPK & Press Release Guide

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Introducing "Electronic Press Kit & Press Release Guide" - The Ultimate Guide to creating your own EPK & Press Release.

Tired of paying for EPK & Press Release creation? This guide will help you to learn how to create your first Electronic Press Kit & Press Release from scratch.

What is "EPK"?

Electronic Press Kit or commonly found as "EPK". This comprehensive guide will first guide you through how to create your Electronic Press Kit which bands, artists or music groups use as a promotional tools to showcase their songs and achievements to the media, potential labels and other interested parties. It's a digital package that includes all the necessary information about the band, artist or music group.

What is "Press Release"?

When a band, artist or music group release a brand new song, they create a Press Release which is used to type all the necessary info about the song, which is further forwarded to media, blogs, news etc. This is one of the crucial documents you should create for each release you do. This gives a perception of you being a professional, and also the people you're sending it to will be able to have all the necessary information about the release.

Real World Examples

Theory makes no sense without practice, and we can all agree on that. For that reason, we also put many different real-world examples directly from our experience.

You will get a PDF (91MB) file