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Marko | Md3sign

Marko Zivadinovic or better known as Md3sign. Since 2014. this artist started the journey in electronic music. His productions musically move between Tech House, Brasilian Bass and Car Music. Md3sign's music has been supported by multiple well known artists, brands, companies and record labels.

Well recogized by hard & dark bass vibes in his tracks. His passion for such unique genres influenced his branding! Also, Md3sign is well known for having one of the highest value/knowledge providing brands named "itsmd3sign", and for the result of his constant work, he's currently followed by producers/artists/singers from all around the world. With his tribe members who follow his work daily, he's bringing more and more value, knowledge and tracks!

Also, the artist's name is the combination of his civil personal name, and the job he loves to do the most which is designing both tracks and content for his own brand.